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The freshness of data is always important. You can use the table to check which tables are configured to be synchronized and when each was last synchronized. Additionally, you can see whether each table was fully synchronized or if there are still some records in Clock PMS+ waiting to be exported. This information can be added to the reports you are building or used to create alerts.


Field nameTypeDescription/Notes
account_idINTEGERIdentification of the account owning the record. Reference to accounts table. Please note some data sources (accounts, companies, guests, etc.) are on subscription level and for those ones the account_id will be null
data_sourceSTRINGName of the table which have been syncronised*. 
last_sync_atTIMESTAMPWhen the last syncronisation was performed (Date and time in UTC)*
records_to_syncINTEGERHow many records still need to be synced after the last synchronization? The data synchronization between Clock PMS+ and Google BigQuery occurs in batches. This indicates whether all data has been synchronized or if there are still records pending synchronization.*

* Field will have value for every record

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