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All registered payments with their important information. Please note the corrections of existing payments are represented chronologycally as separate payments.


Field nameTypeDescription/Notes
idINTEGERUnique identifier of the payment across the entire Clock PMS+ ecosystem*
account_idINTEGERIdentification of the account owning the . Reference to accounts table*
folio_idINTEGERContaining folio id. Reference to folios table*
textSTRINGPayment description (Text) provided by the payment provider or filled by the user
revenue_dateDATEThe affected by the charge revenue date*
created_atTIMESTAMPTime created (Date and time in UTC)*
updated_atTIMESTAMPTime lastly updated (Date and time in UTC)*
numberSTRINGNumber out of configured number sequence. For cash payments only.
gl_codeSTRINGGL payment code if configured.
referenceSTRINGReference number provided by the payment provider
currencySTRINGCurrency of the payment ISO 4217 currency codes*
value_centsINTEGERPayment value in cents (10EUR = 1000 cents)*
balance_value_centsINTEGERPayment value recalculated in the folio currency*
balance_currencySTRINGCurrency of the folio ISO 4217 currency codes*
user_createdSTRINGName of the Clock PMS+ user created the payment*
user_updatedSTRINGName of the Clock PMS+ user updated the payment*
voided_atTIMESTAMPTime voided (Date and time in UTC)
void_reasonSTRINGReason for the void added by the operator
payment_typeSTRINGPayment type.* Payment types are fixed: cash, card, bank, debit, on-line, check, vaucher, other, transfer, cross_account_transfer
payment_sub_typeSTRINGName of the payment sub-type (optional, user configurable). The payment sub-type is a segmentation of the payment type

* Field will have value for every record

** All fields after source_type field depend on the Clock PMS+ account configuration and would differ for he different customers!

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