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Guest profile list with the up to date guest's details. The guests are shared across the different accounts of the subscription.


Field nameTypeDescription/Notes
idINTEGERUnique identifier of the guest across the entire Clock PMS+ ecosystem*
created_atTIMESTAMPTime created (Date and time in UTC)*
updated_atTIMESTAMPTime updated (Date and time in UTC)*
deleted_atTIMESTAMPWhen "Forget" option was used for the guest. With the new GDPR-required option, the data may be easily destroyed in all the related bookings and registration cards. (Date and time in UTC)
e_mailSTRINGe-mail address
accept_marketing_emailsBOOLEANtrue / false*
person_title_idINTEGERGuest title identification
accompanySTRINGTravelling with field of the guest. Information about an important companion like a sponsor or supervisor
first_nameSTRINGFirst name
middle_nameSTRINGMiddle name
last_nameSTRINGLast name
countrySTRINGCountry of the guest ALPHA-2 (ISO 3166)
zip_codeSTRINGZIP code
phone_numberSTRINGPhone number
fax_numberSTRINGFax Number
notesSTRINGGuest's note
levelSTRINGGuest's level (configurable)
ageSTRINGThe age of the guest (static)
languageSTRINGGuest's language (as defined by the customer)

* Field will have value for every record

** All fields after language field depend on the Clock PMS+ account configuration and would differ for he different customers!

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