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The event is at the center of the MICE functionality of Clock PMS+ and stores the main details about it. All other elements(blocks, caterings, meeting room bookings, etc) are connected to the event.


Field nameTypeDescription/Notes
idINTEGERUnique identifier of the event across the entire Clock PMS+ ecosystem*
account_idINTEGERIdentification of the account owning the record. Reference to accounts table*
created_atTIMESTAMPTime created (Date and time in UTC)*
updated_atTIMESTAMPTime lastly updated (Date and time in UTC)*
user_createdSTRINGName of the Clock PMS+ user created the event*
user_updatedSTRINGName of the Clock PMS+ user updated the event*
numberSTRINGUser defined number of the event. Please note the numbers are not unique and may be duplicated. The number may contain prefix and suffix*
nameSTRINGName of the event*
company_idINTEGERUnique ID of the company associated with the event. Reference to Companies table*
agent_idINTEGERUnique ID of the agent associated with the event. Reference to Companies table
contact_person_idINTEGERID of guest associated with the company profile. The ID is a relations to guests table.
arrivalDATEStart date (YYYY-MM-DD) of the event*
departureDATEEnd date (YYYY-MM-DD) of the event*
checkin_statusSTRINGEvent check-in status can be: 'expected', 'checked_in', 'checked_out', 'canceled' or 'no_show'. Events having the last two statuses ('canceled' or 'no_show') are considered not to be valid.*
guarantee_statusSTRINGEvent guarantee status can be: 'guaranteed', 'non_guaranteed', 'allotment' or 'optional'. It is important to know that Blocks for events of statuses 'allotment' or 'optional' are not included in the hotel occupancy.*
assigned_to_userSTRINGName of the Clock PMS+ user responsible for the event.
assigned_to_departmentSTRINGName of the Clock PMS+ department responsible for the event.
report_segment_idINTEGERRelation to report_segments table which is holding the segmentation information for the booking*
block_cut_off_daysINTEGERHow many days earlier the blocked rooms to be automatically released.
block_expire_dateDATEThe date on which blocked rooms to be released for sale. In contrast to Cut-off days, where only a part of the block is released, through Expiry date the whole block (the whole block period) is released
deposit_amount_centsINTEGERIf a deposit amount is set for this Event in cents (10 EUR = 1000 cents)
deposit_amount_currencySTRINGCurrency of the deposit amount ISO 4217 currency codes
client_requirements_collectedBOOLEANtrue / false if the requirements of the customers were collected*
noteSTRINGEvent notes
linksSTRINGLinks to additional information about the event

color may have one of the following values:

  • "red"
  • "orange"
  • "yellow"
  • "green"
  • "blue"
  • "purple"
  • "gray"
  • "white"
tagsSTRINGThe tag associated with the event
* Field will have value for every record

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