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Welcome to Clock PMS+ developers center.

Clock PMS+ Our cloud-based all-in-one solution is a complete and guest-centric powerful property management system with powerful API and developer tools.

Clock APIs are designed in a way that will allow you to achieve the results you are after with minimum effort exposing most of the data available in Clock PMS and supporting most of the operations which can be performed in the system.

Integration Types

Types of integrations vary depending on the solution being integrated, the partner involved, as well as the scalability  of the ready-made integration. The types and their details are as follows:

- Established Industry Solutions: Integrations with leading software solutions in the hotel industry and as such the solutions are published at one of the well established hotel tech directories https://hoteltechreport.com/. These integrations are  considered to offer wide range of benefits for a large group of Clock PMS+ users extending its functionality. 

- Custom Project Integrations: These integrations are not applicable to a broad range of Clock PMS+ users. They are specifically developed to meet the unique needs and visions of a particular client or group of clients. These integrations are personalized and tailored to specific requirements or business models that are not common among the general user community of the platform.

Pricing and benefits.

These two types of integrations provide flexibility and the ability to create individualized solutions based on the specific needs and preferences of our partners and clients. Depending on the integration type bellow you will find the integration benefits and conditions:

FeatureIndustry SolutionsCustom Project
Free sandbox account
Access to Developer’s API documentation
Best practices and implementation guides for select popular hotel tech apps (POS, channel managers, payment providers, fiscalisation services, door lock systems, etc.)
Answers to questions by pointing to a specific section of the documentation
Required pilot customer*
Optional: Answers to questions related to specific data modelling or workflow planning**€ 150 per hour***€ 150 per hour***
Optional: Examination errors or failure notifications and assistance with their elimination**€ 150 per hour***€ 150 per hour***
One-off validation and certification of the ready connection (Up to 3 sessions)Free€ 1200

*  Before the start of the integration process, a pilot customer should be identified. Otherwise, there is a high risk of having an obsolete integration or even one that does not work due to the progress of the two systems before a potential pilot customer is found;

** We can actively help you to build the integration in the most effective way by analyzing your needs and adjust the integration workflow;

***Requires an advance payment of a minimum of 2 hours that will be available until you use it up, as the minimum interval of charging is 20 minutes.

API Fair Use Policy:

We appreciate the fact that by integrating with popular solutions, like yours, or by creating custom developments, our shared hotel customers can significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of hotel operations. Hence with most of our plans we grant hoteliers the flexibility to add or remove certified public or private integrations at any time, without incurring additional fees. That means that for most of our customers, the integration with your app will not add extra cost on our side.

In order to provide the necessary sustainability for this model and to continue to be able to provide the integrations to apps like yours free of charge, it is crucial to recognize the importance of optimizing the API resource usage and its impact on the costs for the computing infrastructure, which we hire from Amazon Web Services. Currently, API infrastructure constitutes the largest portion of our processing costs with Amazon Web Services, surpassing even our core application expenses. To maintain this advantage sustainably, we provide a complimentary CPU usage of 180,000,000 milliseconds (equivalent to 50 hours) each month for each single hotelier for all the integrations, which suffices for the majority of our clients. Should a hotelier's monthly consumption for all interactions they use exceed this allocation, a nominal fee of €1 per hour, calculated per actual millisecond used, will be applied to offset our costs. Please, mind this when you design your data modelling and workflows.

Our primary objective is not to impose this fee but to encourage our software partners like yourself to utilize our API efficiently. This approach benefits all involved parties - the hoteliers, Clock, and you, the software providers, by fostering more effective and cost-efficient operations. Your thoughtful and efficient use of our API will directly impact the hoteliers' benefits and costs, aligning with our mutual goal of operational excellence.

Additional usage and transaction based fees, billed to the hotelier

API CPU usage above the monthly quota as per the fair API fair use policy (only in case of excession of the quota)€1 per hour of actual API CPU usage

Custom Payment API - Gateway request

(volume discounts may apply)

€ 0.10 per gateway request

Custom Payment API - Automation fee

(volume discounts may apply)

% 0.15 per successful payment

Hoteliers shall contact their sales representative or success manager for pricing in other currencies or to check if volume discounts apply in relation to the Custom Payment API.

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