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The occupancy forecast represents the availability figures day by day for 365 days in the past and 365 days in the future.


Field nameTypeDescription/Notes
account_idINTEGERIdentification of the account owning the record reference to accounts table*
created_atTIMESTAMPTime when the occupancy forecast data for the day was created (Date and time in UTC)*
updated_atTIMESTAMPTime when the occupancy forecast data for the day has changed (Date and time in UTC)*
dateDATEOccupancy forecast date (YYYY-MM-DD)*
room_type_idINTEGERUnique ID room type*
room_type_nameSTRINGName of the room type*
capacityINTEGERCapacity of the room type for the date*
adjustmentINTEGERThe configured adjustment for the date for the room type*
room_statusesINTEGERRooms not available due to room statuses such as Out Of Service, Out Of Service, etc.*
bookingsINTEGERBooked rooms for the day of the type*
blocksINTEGERBlocked rooms for the day of the type*
constraintINTEGERBooked/Blocked rooms of the component type which consume the quantity required for the virtual type.*
freeINTEGERNumber of free rooms for the day of the type.

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