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All charges are the smallest  granularity of the revenue. Each item or service posted to a folio is represented as a charge as well as the corrections made to previously created charges.


Field nameTypeDescription/Notes
idINTEGERUnique identifier of the charge across the entire Clock PMS+ ecosystem*
account_idINTEGERIdentification of the account owning the record. Reference to accounts table*
folio_idINTEGERContaining folio id. Reference to folios table*
textSTRINGThe name of the charge*
print_textSTRINGOptional print text substitute the original name in the printouts
visual_group_textSTRINGName of the visual group defined for the charge template(Clock PMS+ charges only)
store_idINTEGERConfigured store / kitchen id for the menu item of Clock POS (blank for Clock PMS+ charges)
capacity_pool_idINTEGERUnique Identification of the capacity pool. The capacity pool allows the business to control the availability of extra services with limited availability such as baby beds, parking lot spaces, etc. Applicable for Clock PMS+ only
capacity_pool_nameSTRINGThe name of the capacity pool
service_dateDATEDate of service delivery / consumptions for services only. For example the menu items in Clock POS do not have service_date
revenue_dateDATEThe affected by the charge revenue date*

The revenue groups are fixed in Clock and the value may be one of the following*:

  • Clock PMS+ rooms, f&b, extra, other, tax, packages, deposit,surcharge, surcharge_transfer;No tax calculation
  • Clock POS - food, beverage, service, other, discount,surcharge, surcharge_transfere
revenue_categorySTRINGName of the revenue category (optional, user configurable). The revenue category is a subdivision of the revenue group
created_atTIMESTAMPTime created (Date and time in UTC)*
updated_atTIMESTAMPTime lastly updated (Date and time in UTC)*
qtyNUMERICQuantity of the charge*
price_centsINTEGERCharge price in cents (10EUR = 1000 cents). Depending on the tax mode the price may be interpreted as net (add_on_row and add_on_total) or gross (in_prices_on_row and in_prices_on_total)*
currencySTRINGCurrency of the charge ISO 4217 currency codes*
value_centsINTEGERCharge value in cents (10EUR = 1000 cents). Depending on the tax mode the price may be interpreted as net (add_on_row and add_on_total) or gross (in_prices_on_row and in_prices_on_total)*
balance_value_centsINTEGERCharge value recalculated in the folio currency*
net_value_centsINTEGERCharge net value in cents in the folio currency*
tax_value_centsINTEGERCharge tax value in cents in the folio currency*
gross_value_centsINTEGERCharge gross value in cents in the folio currency*
discount_rateNUMERICThe discounts are handled as separate charges in Clock and may be posted with a value (like every other charge) or be percentage based. The rate of the percentage based discount charges as decimal(-10% = -0.10 for discount or 10% = 0.10 for markup)
tax_rateNUMERICApplicable tax rate as decimal (10% = 0.10)*
tax_codeSTRINGOptional. Allows additional tax segmentation.

Tax mode of the charge*. The tax mode is inherited by the account configuration and may be one of the following

  • no_tax - No tax calculation;
  • in_prices_on_row - Tax included in prices, rounding - per line;
  • in_prices_on_total - Tax included in prices, rounding - total;
  • add_on_row - Tax not included in prices, rounding - per line;
  • add_on_total - Tax not included in prices, rounding – total.

More information about the tax modes here

tax_currencySTRINGCurrency of the tax ISO 4217 currency codes*
voided_atTIMESTAMPTime voided (Date and time in UTC)
void_reasonSTRINGReason for the void added by the operator
transfer_source_account_idINTEGERIf a charge is transferred from Clock POS to Clock PMS+ here you can find the source account ID
inventory_codeSTRINGInventory code for reference to external systems (inventory control systems)
user_createdSTRINGName of the Clock PMS+ user created the charge*
user_updatedSTRINGName of the Clock PMS+ user updated the charge*

Each charge has a charge and the difference source types may lead you to a different reference table. Bellow are the expected values and the reference tables:

  • Booking - reference to bookings table;
  • Folios::Folio - reference to folios table;
  • Subscriptions::Account - source_id will be the Clock PMS+ account ID;
  • Subscriptions::Person - reference to guests table;
  • Pms::Catering - N/A;
  • Event - N/A;
  • Pms::MeetingRoomBooking - N/A;
  • Folios::Company - reference to companies table;
  • LightspeedPos::Bill - N/A.
source_idINTEGERId for reference to the respective table as described in source_type

* Field will have value for every record

** All fields after source_type field depend on the Clock PMS+ account configuration and would differ for he different customers!

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