Clock PMS+ data export to Google BigQuery

Modified on: Fri, 2 Dec, 2022 at 10:07 AM



Get familiar with the structure of data exported from your Clock PMS+ / POS accounts to Google BigQuery.

Knowing how the data is structured is a crucial point of every analysis.

Once you get familiar with the data, you can easily use it to create the reports you need to help your business grow with informative decisions solidly based on your past and future data.

This guide will help you understand the data structure and the relation between the different objects, their content, field definitions as well as expected values.

The data is conveniently structured in separate tables based on the data domain. The names of the tables and the fields are self-explanatory, however, please use the description of each table below to get the most out of the data and achieve outstanding results by building your own reports and dashboards!

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